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NAACP Portland Youth Branch

Shani McGill and Farausi Cherry

Youth Council Advisors: Shani McGill and Farausi Cherry

The NAACP Portland Youth Branch will focus on and try to improve upon three areas through Political Action:

  1. Increase registration and voting
  2. Encourage and promote voter education
  3. Work for the enactment of municipal, state, and federal legislation designed to improve the education, political and economic status of minority groups.

The Youth Branch List Of Projects:

  1. Two membership drives
  2. Voter Registration Drive
  3. Volunteered for Winter, Spring and Summer Special Olympics

NAACP Portland Youth Branch
2004 Elected Officials:

President: Isha Mahamud
1st Vice President: David Bruce
2nd Vice President: Mohammed Ibahim
Secretary: Alicia Cote
Assistant Secretary: Hibat Sharif
Treasurer: Safia Mur

The Branch Youth Work
organized an Open House. Several students attended where they discussed the Youth Work's goals. The Branch Youth Work continues to look for members interested in taking on issues involving adolescents in schools, home, etc.

We plan to add new youth to our Portland Youth Chapter. Fund Raising - for the purpose of attending special events that focus and address the issues that face our youth. We have about 35 Youth from Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Windham, and Lewiston. There is a diverse range of nationalities and cultures. The ages range from 14-20.

"Students have been on the forefront of most major social movements. From the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's to the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980's, campus activism has forced society and the world to change. NAACP Youth Councils and College Chapters all across America are engaged in social justice activism addressing issues at the local, state, and national level."

Quote taken from the NAACP Youth and College Freedom Fighters Since 1936, NAACP National Office flyer

Mailing address: NAACP, P.O. Box 3631, Portland, ME 04104
Telephone: (207) 253-5074 and 1-866-252-5074
Fax: (207) 253-5079