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  Membership Application or Renewing Membership

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a member of the NAACP Portland Branch. The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States and has had a formal presence in Maine since the 1960's.

The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

If you are currently a member of the Portland Branch and need to renew your membership, please send your application to PO Box 3631, Portland, Me. 04104. Sending it to the National NAACP only delays us in processing it.

Make Check or Money Order payable to NAACP Portland, do NOT send cash. Please expect to hear from the Portland Branch within 30 days after mailing to the PO Box. Membership Application (Click here for easy-to-print form)


Mr./Mrs./Ms. ________________________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________________

City: _________________________________  State: ______  Zip: ________

Phones: Home [night]___________________ Day [work]___________________


E-Mail: _______________________________________

Current Membership No. (if renewal): ________________________________

Regular Annual Membership   

Regular Adult,       $30.00 ____

Youth with Crises,   $15.00 ____

Youth w/out Crises,  $10.00 ____

Annual Corporate, $5,000.00 ____

Lifetime Membership

Junior Life - (date of birth) ___________________       $100.00 _____ 

Bronze Life - (date of birth) ___________________       $400.00 _____ 

Silver Life - (date of birth) ___________________       $750.00 _____ 

Gold Life - (date of birth) ___________________       $1,500.00 _____ 

Diamond Life - (date of birth) ___________________    $2,500.00 _____ 

Mailing address: NAACP, P.O. Box 3631, Portland, ME 04104
Telephone: (207) 253-5074 and 1-866-252-5074
Fax: (207) 253-5079