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The Portland Branch of the NAACP was chartered on May 12, 1964 under the leadership of Gerald E. Talbot. Since that time, the NAACP has been directed by numerous community leaders and role models, (past presidents).

Throughout the years, the Portland Branch has been in the forefront of issues such as housing, employment, education, corrections, civil and constitutional rights, affirmative action and many more. We are here to help not to harm, we are here to aid people of all cultures and colors. We are an organization of civil rights for all people. We are not just a "black organization". Color is human.

The work performed by members of the Portland Branch is the responsibility of volunteers. None of the officers, committee chairpersons or members are paid by the National NAACP office.

The Portland Branch is an integral part of the NAACP family. It is one of the 22 branches that make up the New England Area Conference (NEAC).

The vision of the national association for the advancement of colored people is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.

We urge all who feel they can make a difference in their community, change thought process from negative to positive, to please become a member and part of a family who is seeking justice, love, peace, and equality for all. We encourage all of our members to act by joining or chairing a committee. If you are interested in any aspect of this, please feel free to contact anyone on the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised from the NAACP elected officers, committee chairpersons and elected branch members

President: Winston McGill
Vice-President: Rachel Talbot Ross
2nd Vice President: Ed Anderson
Secretary: Claire Cline
Asst. Secretary: Regina Phillips
Treasurer: Janet Johnson
Asst. Treasurer: vacant

Membership: Ed Anderson / Regina Phillips
Political Action: Rachel Talbot Ross / Sen. Ethan Strimling
Finance: Winston McGill / Janet Johnson
Youth Chapter: Shani McGill / Farausi Cherry

Education: Regina Phillips
Housing: June McKenzie
Legal Redress: David Lourie
Religious Affairs: Dawud Ummah
Press and Publicity: Janet McCaa

Sen. Ethan Strimling
Nolan Thompson
Willie Nelson
June McKenzie

NAACP Monthly Meeting Starting in February, 2004, the NAACP Meetings will be held at 75 Washington Avenue (same building as Casey Family Services). Meetings are the third Tuesday, at 7 p.m. Meeting Schedule

NAACP Meeting during Spring 2002

Mailing address: NAACP, P.O. Box 3631, Portland, ME 04104
Telephone: (207) 253-5074 and 1-866-252-5074
Fax: (207) 253-5079